Last Updated on 11/11/2017

About Me
Hola! I am Man Chon U (Yes! "U" is my last name), people usually call me Dr. U or Kevin. I am currently working at the largest cruise line company, Carnival Cruise Line, as a Head of Marketing Analytics & Data Science. Overseeing analytics & data science practice, data strategy, and corresponding technology initiatives (A.I., Big Data, Data Lake, DMP, CDP, MarTech, MediaTech, etc.). Responsible for maximizing the use of technologies, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to drive business growth. Reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer and work closely with the office of the Chief Information Officer to design and implement data and system architecture as well as corresponding platforms to enable advanced data science and engineering capabilities.

Before moving to Miami, I was the Global Director of Data Science at Las Vegas Sands Corp., solving very interesting problems across multiple markets (Las Vegas, Singapore, and Macau). Prior to that I was in Silicon Valley with Think Big Analytics (A Teradata Company) as a Senior Data Engineer solving problems with various Big Data technologies. I have extensive experience in leveraging advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning techniques in various domains such as hospitality, casino, marketing, financial market, bioinformatics, and network security, etc. I have accumulated 10+ years hands-on technical management experience, and I am a seasoned data science leader with a wide variety of experience in industries (eCommerce, Casino/Travel/Hospitality, Big Data Technology, Investment Bank, Telecom, etc.), research facilities (IBM Watson Research Center), and independent contracts (Consulting).

I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science (specialized in Machine Learning) from The University of Georgia (UGA). My research interests include Machine Learning, NLP, Evolutionary Computation, Artificial Intelligence, Computer & Network Security, and Computational Biology. My major advisor is Professor Khaled Rasheed who is the director of the Evolutionary Computation & Machine Learning (ECML) Lab at UGA.

If you feel interested in knowing more about me, please feel free to take a look at my CV/Resume, Research, and Life. You are also welcome to connect with me through LinkedIn or send me an email to discuss any possible collaboration.

Recent Professional Activities
  • [01/18/2018] Interview: Exclusive interview by TDM (Macau) about my life story, video available at HERE
  • [06/07/2017] Career: Joined the largest cruise line company in the world (Carnival Cruise Line) as a Head of Marketing Analytics & Data Science. Oversees analytics & data science practice, data strategy, and corresponding technology initiatives
  • [05/18/2015] Career: Oversees data science practices at Las Vegas Sands Corp. for multiple markets (Las Vegas, Singapore, Macau) as a Global Director of Data Science.
  • [01/10/2015] Professional: Selected by the Talents Development Committee of Macau SAR Government, as one of the 20 overseas specialists to participate into the "Talents Group Investigation Plan" in Macau.
  • [03/03/2014] Career: Joined the largest casino corporation in the world (Las Vegas Sands Corp.) as a Senior Manager of Data Science.
  • [02/18/2014] Publication [J]: ManChon U, Eric Talevich, Khaled Rasheed, Natarajan Kannan; "'Prediction and Prioritization of Rare Oncogenic Mutations in the Cancer Kinome Using Novel Features and Multiple Classifiers", accepted for publication in PLOS Computational Biology.